This fucking cat has been stuck on my tv for 12 hours

OOO it’s ranma 1/2 . Score ~_~

OO me mom is getting me manga for when I come up here 0_0

When ever I hear a good laugh I laugh too this is what happened today

 - what is updog


i havent even played this game wtf

NEED COUCH - London, Ontario



hi i’m avanna, i’m a 16 year old mentally ill trans girl. i have been living with roommates after running away from an abusive home, but now i have until may 1st to move out, if i don’t find somewhere to stay by them i’m going to be homeless. if anyone can give me a long-term place to stay i would be extremely grateful! i can’t pay rent but i can do light housework (washing dishes, sweeping, etc) and cook if needed. i can also afford most of my own food. i would prefer to stay somewhere tobacco-free. if you are able to help me please send me an ask at groupinou. thank you so much.

please help avanna


This cat is cuter than I will ever be


please watch this video i made right now

thank you x for my new queue

Gross mobile is gross whoops